StudyRoom's vision is to connect students to provide them the help, resources, and support they need to succeed in college.

As students, we always had in our classes a moment where we wished we had someone to help us or explain something to us. But even though there were hundreds of students in our classes, we never got to meet more than a handful of them.

It was shocking to see that the most connected and social generation ever was not able to connect with the people they see every day in class. So in late 2012 we decided to do something about it and created StudyRoom. Unlike most technology products in education that are designed for school administrators or professors, we designed StudyRoom 100% for students.

After participating in the best educational startup incubator in Silicon Valley, we ran a pilot in Fall 2013 at San Francisco State University with just a couple hundred students. StudyRoom officially launched in January 2014 and is now live at over 100 schools across the country.

The amount of collaboration and sharing among students we've seen using StudyRoom has been absolutely amazing. College students finally have a place to connect with all the people they see every day in class and we are just getting started.

Our Team
Emerson Malca
Co-founder & CEO

Emerson has been an education entrepreneur since he was in college. His products have reached over 3 million students so far. He loves sweet potato fries, plays Starcraft, and is trying to learn some Salsa tricks in his free time.

Pindi Albert
Co-founder & CTO

Pindi passed up MIT and left Penn State to become an education entrepreneur. After he's done making sure the servers run smoothly, you might find him hiking in sunny Los Altos or learning the Charleston.

Jeffrey Browning

Jeff has been an educator for the last three years at after-school programs and high schools with a focus on at-risk youth. His great loves are weight-lifting, lattes, and dominating the competition at Scrabble.

Be an amazing Campus Founder
Campus Founder

Be part of the beginning of an amazing journey and gain invaluable experience in a growing education startup as a Campus Founder.

This is an opportunity to join our team of college students from all over the US that want to make an impact in education, want to empower students, and are tired of waiting for schools to offer a good product (sorry, Blackboard).

To learn more, check out our StudyRoom Campus Founder Program

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